Comic 1 - Discussing the first battle
14th Oct 2012, 7:58 AM in Sadha
Discussing the first battle
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Barreytor edit delete
Sadha talks a bit with Beta about the first fight, in which she'll fight Erzsebet, that seems to be a demon or something.
Link to Erzsebet's stats
User comments:
Centcomm edit delete reply
just a helpful note - "cold Iron" refers to "hand forged" weapons if its made by machines or automated processes it doesnt work .. :D
Barreytor edit delete reply
Well, didn't know that fact, I was thinking at that moment as "Cold Iron" as something like "Iron, but of the demon vanquishing variety". Either way Sadha doesn't have any of that.
Iron, on the other side... It's too common to be a practical weakness. Like a vampire being weak to any form of light.
Centcomm edit delete reply
exactly - in a fantasy setting "cold iron" also needed to be "blessed" or some such .. in a modern setting just the absence of technology in the forgeing should do it - Erzsebt is a demon - might want to PM Daniel for spicifics ..
CynicaIdealist edit delete reply
Huh. I always thought "Cold Iron" was crafted without an artificial heat source. As in, you had to find a lump of hematite and hope to god that enough of it had naturally formed into a lump of iron before bashing it into shape.
Centcomm edit delete reply
Google is your friend .. in this case :D
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