by CynicaIdealist

It's all saved to an author blog now.--Cynica
Neat. I can't wait to fill this second page with more completely relevant and spoilery stuff. Or randomness, whichever comes first. -Barreytor

Neither can I :) --Cynica
I think we've had this conversation already, it involved chainsaws and setting everything on fire? -Barreytor

i really hope no one sees the blogs... i think that proves that all of use are really crazy - Deo.

Nah, our thing is just a bit of random, harmless, slightly insanity-based fun in the otherwise sane part of the internet. Would it be fun if we couldn't go a bit crazy? -Barreytor

Nope --Cynica


:( -- Cynica

the internet is all but sane. i have enough fanfiction links to prove it -Deo

The Christmas page will hopefully be up by today... it's kinda long, though, so maybe everyone should get a bag of pop-corn before starting; it may rival the Hobbit in length...--Cynica

heh, check the one i did for my comic. -Deo

I have to think out and ready the next page of Rivet's demise. It might be made of pain. -Barreytor

i'm seriously thinking that this project soon will turn into a series of its own.-Deo

The author notepad, the webcomic, or both? If it's the webcomic, it might be a bit hard ordering the pages in the timeline... We totally should add in "When does this happen" in the author note of every page from now on. -Barreytor

I concur. But also, I just had an epiphany; when ordering pages, we can have some of the pages posted in the past in a long gone date, which will make the pages go in some sort of order.--Cynica

maybe we should get rid of that(the front page is the chapters that are ) and change it for the "most recent page"-Deo.

Hmm... I suppose that might work out. Let's try it and see, alright? -- Cynica


Hunter saves. XD -- Cynica

I'M NOT PLEASED WITH THAT ROBOT!( i wanted to see rivet's insides. sigh...)- hunter

>:(  -- Rivet

You actually might still get the chance. -- Cynica

what? you needed a "hand" in that situation, by giving -no, lending- you the swords, you could say i gave you a whole "arm", so you should be grateful!- hunter

My insides, with any luck, will remain exactly where they are. In. Side. --Rivet.

you forgot the rest of your sentence. "of. a. transplant. box." now your sentence is complete. -hunter.

happy new year!- deo.

Happy new year :) -Cynica

after seeing the last few pages, i realized that the continuous time stream is a scared little girl, crying in a corner-Deo.

Sorry, my fault. -Beta

pl--please...*sob*no m--more t--time sh-sh-shifts...-continuity.

Sorry pal, no luck. We have like, 5 ongoing timelines at least, all in different points in line. -Barreytor


*clap* *clap* well, done, we've killed continuity!  i'd hug you, but you'd end up with both of your kidneys and half of your liver missing. -hunter.

So, with that aside, how is Mr. Chainsaw Drunkard going on? I feel like I'm missing on a bunch of fun. -Retro

he found a coin and stopped mid-run, but now i've reminded him that he has work to do-Deo

Good, I want to get over this already, I've got places to be and people to f... Help. Yeah, I meant help. -Retro

so do i, i still have several galaxies to screw up today- Me, who else?



Inb4 SadhaXLightStar -Core
Inb4 RetroxLaday... Aww damnit! -Sadha

This page of author notes is starting to get quite a bit crowded, isn't it? We should probably start thinking about clearing it. -Barreytor

 I think we should do it, the sooner, the better.-Deo.


Author Pad pt1
by CynicaIdealist

Hello there! Can anyone read this? -Barreytor
Yup, I can. We're likely going to do some PMing though, but this also works.-Cynica
ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! WHY DOES CLICKING HURT SO?!-Cynica *in a moment of finger twinging that rapidly passed*
Foolish heroes. You have doomed yourselves to a living nightmare by choosing to interfere with THE Dr Lauckner. - Dr Waylon Lauckner
Nevermind me, chapters were already set up. Yay I uploaded a thing! -Barreytor
Nice. I laughed my ass off.-Cynica
Last post of the second page of the thread: ; I knew I was crazy, but the voices in my head said everyone had to know. -Barreytor
I swear I wasn't the voices in his head this time. -Sadha

Just a quick reminder that if you haven't quite submitted your turn to the actual character battle, you may want to do so now.-- Cynica

So, does anyone want to take care of the arranging of the characters in the avatar and banner, or shall I make some time in my schedule? -- Cynica
Should anyone laugh at the fact that my soul is pink, your deaths will be extremly painful -deo(he's forcing me to write... help!)
AHAHAHAHA YOU HAVE A PINK SOUL! At least when I die, I can choose the color of MY soul! Also, I have to see if I can get author-moron to actually make these things he says he's making but HE DOESN'T THE LAZY BASTARD. Anyway, HAHA YOU HAVE A PINK SOUL! -Sadha
Wait, What? How did you?... Oh well, at least you signed with YOUR name this time. -Barreytor (aka Author-moron)

sadly you need teammates in order for you to attack properly... >:)- Deo (OH GOD HELP ME!! HE'S WHIPPING ME WITH MY OWN MOUSE!)
Ha! And you need to torture YOUR author to properly go into the internet! I don't think the guy who just decided to give you a 7182359146nd chance will be happy about you single-handedly giving THE MAN reasons just blip the universe out of existence. Your universe. Well, anyway, it's your call Hunter: will you shut your pretentious mouth and stop trying to destroy yourself, or will you keep torturing him? -Sadha

hello guys, just passing---WTF HAVE YOU BEEN WRITING IN MY ABSENCE HUNTER!!?!- deo

Oh.... OOOOHHHHH... Now EVERYTHING makes sense! So that's why he's dead at the start, I guess? -Barreytor

actually no... he was dead already from my comic(got burned to death, you can imagine how much power that flame had in order to pass trough several layers of heat resistant armor.)- Deo

Well, I can imagine THAT, or I can imagine him being pinned down and covered in termite. Then it burns just through. Or covered in angry bees. But all in all and judging by the armor, I'd go with the second. -Barreytor

it resembled more a napalm strike than an attack from angry bees. -deo

Sorry, I haven't drawn that page I said I was going to draw, stalling Hunter's line. I have it mostly thought out, but shit happened. In my head. I hope I'll get better and draw it soon. -Barreytor

Hey folks. How's everyone doing? - Cynic

Hurling out author's who have appear to have fallen off the face of the planet without even submitting one comic. :P Sorry mates, but you gotta do something. -- Cynica

Should we start thinking on clearing a bit the author notepad? But where can we save all that's been written up to this point? Maybe a hidden extra page or something? I don't know. -Barreytor

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